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[Event] Where am I?

As the title says, I'm lost and I need someone to find me.


1. You must find the spot where I exactly took this picture.

2. Take a picture of yourself that you are standing EXACTLY on the SPOT where I took my image.

3. Crop the photo just as I did.

4. You must show your radar.

Follow this formats upon submitting your entry. (MAKE SURE TO SHOW YOUR RADAR)

IGN : DeathByFart
What map did you find my location : Dimension

NOTE: Make sure that you have your radar on your right side.

As you can see the first Image I've posted above has no radar so that players could not easily find where my character is hiding. If you are exactly on the spot and you are standing on the correct Coordinates. I will quote your post to validate that you are on the same spot where my character is located. I will only only quote your post if you really are in my same location.


ALL MAPS ARE INCLUDED EXCEPT DIMENSIONS, and maps that only... [Read More]
6 Replies | 1,466 Views | Oct 17, 2016 - 1:26 PM - by i[AcePlayer]
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Boss Invasion
The 3 brothers will invade your HQ's. Defend your HQ.

Time will vary. They will come in 3 waves.
0 Replies | 163 Views | Oct 13, 2016 - 8:11 AM - by yaobu1
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Reporting Violation
Good Day Olympians. I would like to remind everyone that reporting violations is a good thing to help us maintain order in server and forums. For the welfare and discipline of players. However, if your proof is not proper or have given false accusations of reports to us GM/staff. If proven false accusation, we will give you a sanction of permanent ban. We warned you before, it is time to use proper reports that is clear and is not vague.

Thank you and good day.
0 Replies | 271 Views | Oct 03, 2016 - 2:33 AM - by yaobu1
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Refresh your Memory.

This Server uses a 3 strike rule: 1st time: 72 hour ban, 2nd: 120 hour ban, 3rd: permanent ban.

All players must follow these rules while playing on this Rising Force Online server.

1. A player must not in any way try to harm the server, or ask anyone else to do so. Doing this will result in an instant and PERMANENT HARDWARE BAN.

2. A player must not abuse a known or unknown game bug. This includes using the Soccer ball in attack mode, terrain bugs... and ANY undiscovered bug. If a player encounters a bug, they should rather report it than abusing it. PUNISHMENT: PERMANENT ACCOUNT BAN.

3. Hacking and cheating is strictly prohibited (speed hacking, flyhacking and damage hacking). Any kind of program that modifies the normal way of gameplay is considered a hack. This includes bots. PUNISHMENT: PERMANENT HARDWARE BAN.

A. NO 3rd Party programs of ANY TYPE are allowed.

4. A player must respect game masters. A game master is as polite to the player, as the player is to the game master. The GM can decide what to do if a player is offensive to them. False accusation to GM's or simply accusing donors as GMs or GMs playing as a certain player will result to sanctions.

5. Trashtalk between players is fine. No insulting mothers, fathers, or anyone not here to defend themselves. Insulting mothers or any family member or anyone not here to defend themselves will result to a 10 day (240 hours) on 1st Offense and succeeded by a... [Read More]
0 Replies | 365 Views | Sep 27, 2016 - 2:54 AM - by yaobu1
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I have already reached to a point where i am already tired of being considerate especially to those players despite given warnings on rules and regulations and attitude, still does not follow and continue to disrespect GM's and admin.

1. Starting Today, There will be no ores if we catch even just 1 player using dummy accounts for mining. If we catch you only logging in for CW and just to AFK HMS in order to just mine, we will give sanctions as well. You having high CPT isn`t an excuse for you to just HMS and mine. We will give sanctions to those AFK MAUS/ISIS/GUNNERS that does AFK DPS to log in miners. We will give sanctions not just to your dummies but also to your main accounts.

2. I will not anymore tolerate false accusations. ANY accusations of players linking donors or any player as GM despite not will result into PERMANENT BAN. Disrespect of any GM most especially despite giving reprimand will also result in permanent ban. It is already a given. A long written rule. We have the right to give sanctions may it be little or a heavy sanction depending on your action. We have been considerate for the past years and yet you repay us with arrogance despite being caught of your stupidity and negligence of rules in the game and in forums. Taunting a GM, disrespecting a GM is automatic permanent ban. No more no less. We will not anymore give paroles.

Do remember. We are here to put law, order and sever balance. If you think we are just decorations and just capable of race chat that is why you have nerves of steel to taunt us. Then starting today, just make sure you are able to follow every rule or else. There will be no tomorrow.

Review this link for reference Rules
0 Replies | 177 Views | Sep 27, 2016 - 2:45 AM - by yaobu1
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