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We are planning to take down the RFOlympic server on Wednesday, Aug 10, at 00.30-01.00 (+0 GMT).
The maintenance is expected to run no longer than 30 minutes.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience!
0 Replies | 195 Views | Aug 09, 2016 - 8:26 PM - by TRON
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Submission of to be Featured Screenshots.

Hi everyone I wasn't able to make a copy on your screenshots you that some of you sent on Facebook I think most of you here have already known what happened on our page, we are making new page we will inform you as soon as we make another one.

1. Featured Screenshot by Erif

2. Featured Screenshot by Wizacky

3. 3. Featured Screenshot by Guilla

For submission of Screenshots please send me a private message for your entries. Thank you!
0 Replies | 164 Views | Jul 30, 2016 - 2:59 PM - by i[AcePlayer]
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Featured Screenshot of the day!
Another wonderful creation made by Guilla from Cora Alliance!

How to win be featured and win prizes :
1. Get a screenshot of any of the events that is being hosted by GM.
2. A screenshot of Chip Wars.
3. A screenshot of your Raids.
4. Screenshot's that would promote RF Olympic.
5. The Screenshot must be edited and badass looking.

All entries must be send to us in facebook. Click the given link below.

0 Replies | 249 Views | Jul 21, 2016 - 3:59 AM - by i[AcePlayer]
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[GM Trade] Mid-man.

Due to the recent scam incidents I would like to inform everyone that we will help players in terms of Trading their items to avoid getting scam. We cannot avoid those instances in game but WE WILL ONLY DO MID-MAN trading within the SAME race. This is to ensure that everyone will receive the items safely and hassle free.

Example :
Acc = Acc
Bcc = Bcc
Ccc = Ccc

This thread does not mean that we are enabling RACE TRADING. IT'S A BIG NO.

If you are trading a valuable items that needed a mid-man PM me here in forum, if I am free I can be your mid-man but if I'm busy or I'm not online in game I will give you schedules when to start trading.


It's sad to say that it's way too hard for us to track the items you traded, a single video or a conversation of your screenshot won't help you recover your items. However I'm not saying that taking video or screenshot is useless, but next time let us be careful.

Starting this day on July 20,2016 I will ENABLE MID-MAN TRADING.

Send us a message here in forum, if we are busy don't rush things trading that item, learn to wait or face the consequence of losing your items just because you rush things in without a trusted mid-man. That's all & Good luck!
0 Replies | 290 Views | Jul 20, 2016 - 3:18 PM - by i[AcePlayer]
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Kukra & Naroom Festival Week!

Today the Kukra & Naroom Festival starts! I know how it feel to struggle on Leveling and no one would ever wanted to help you level up especially lowbies. I'll be spawning Kukra's and Naroom's at Sette Desert on your Sette Portals and also at Elf starting at Ent and up to last the part of elf.

Councils must help and gather lowbies or players who wants to level up and start clearing Kukra's at sette. Race representatives must ensure that their party will not be killed by other races. Now to make this interesting EVERY RACE IS ALLOWED to the Kukras of other races they can repel and guard their portals so that the kukra's will not be killed by other races.

Make sure that you guys will assign Guards on your sette portals Entrance to avoid being raid.*

What will happen at Sette Desert will also be the same at Elf Land there should also be guards.

The purpose of this event is to notify players that Sette Desert and Elf Land could also be a Battle Field for wars.

If you want to win extra Credits make sure to take a Screenshot of the on going event and enhance it by editing. Make sure to put RF OLYMPIC and your IN GAME NAME to be FEATURED and win prizes

1 Reply | 218 Views | Jul 18, 2016 - 6:36 AM - by i[AcePlayer]
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