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Working since 2010

Given the longest RF Online private server that has ever aired RF Olympic is offering you a LONG TERM GAMING SHIP. To keep you up in a tip top shape gaming PvP Experience!

Stable server

RF Olympic is the top LEADING SERVER which aired for almost 9 years and counting, competitive and a very well known RF Private server.

New features

RF Olympic has new features, new armors, new weapons, cap level is 85 taking you to a new level of Gaming.


The longest RF ONLINE INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE server airing for 8 years and counting. Cap level is 85, with new weapon machinery, new and modeled level 75-85 Armors, upgraded Animus Skin & abilities, new level 70 Armor interface, new level 75 & 85 siege kits and upgraded Mau's Level 75-85 and the fully formed enhanced donation effects. For 8 years, the Battle for Supremacy has never end, every race conquering every Chip War, dominating and aiming to be superior of all. The Accretia Empire continue to surpass each individual Race but the Bellato Union's Mau's had become almost unstoppable and the Cora Alliance movement have been secretly tailing both Race's to continue their streak of domination of all these years. Who will be more superior? Would it be Accretia Empire, Bellato Union or the Cora Alliance? Join us as we continue to Battle for Supremacy!


Unique Classes


Epic Bosses



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